The CIS GIN Council

As one of the largest councils at the Canadian International School, the GIN council plays an essential role at CIS. We create opportunities for students to become further involved in helping their community and we address global issues through GIN clubs and GIN events that we organize. At its core, the GIN Council is made up of 15 students from the intermediate and secondary divisions.

GIN Council members

Co-Presidents: Hong Anh Diep & Anna Do
Vice President: Buffie Nguyen
Senior Advisor: Bill Nguyen
Secretary: Khai Phan
Treasurer: Sunny Vu
PR Team: Jade Clark, Jake Ho,  and Mira Ong
Club Coordinators: Jiwon Kim & Holley Nguyen
Press Secretary: Louise Le
Junior GIN: Ruby Doan, Jada Lee,  and Se Hyun Kim
GIN Coordinators: Joe Ticar & Sophie Hoang