Transportation for schools from outside Vietnam

Visiting schools from countries outside of Vietnam have the option of using CIS school buses for transportation between the airport, the hotel and conference venue at a cost of 4,000,000 VND. Please, note that we only provide a bus service to and from your hotel if it is located in District 7. 

This cost will be paid with the final registration fee (i.e. It does not need a deposit).

If you have decided to use taxis, please use the two most common and reliable companies in Ho Chi Minh city – Mai Linh (028 38 38 38 38) and Vinasun (028 38 27 27 27).

Additionally, you can use Grab or Uber (apps downloadable from any app store across all mobile devices). However, the drivers on these apps often can’t speak good English. If needed, the conference’s Vietnamese staff are always willing to assist you in using the app as well as communicating with the drivers.